Animate – Inanimate

My son is 2 year old. His talking is limited to monosyllabic words. Smattering of Hindi and English words which he hears us using. He talks to his toy puppy in the same manner as he talks to any person. He takes the toy puppy to stroll. Shows it his dance. Seems kids that young are just happy 🙂 Happy to be alive. And sharing that happiness with anyone or anything.

Today the kid was having breakfast. The toy puppy was lying in the other corner of the room. The kid exhorted the puppy to come over and have the food as it was very tasty. Here is the exact one line conversation which was repeated quite sometime until the kid got bored of toy puppy not listening to it and gave up:

Puppy. Aao. Khana. Tasty.

*Aao = Come; Khana = Food

You can imagine that line of conversation with body gestures and pauses of a kid 🙂